Kingston City Land Bank Begins Construction on 124 Franklin and 149 Greenkill

December 14, 2021

The Kingston City Land bank is pleased to announce that construction has started on 124 Franklin Street and 149 Greenkill Avenue. Both properties were acquired from the City of Kingston in 2021 for the full price of back taxes. Both properties have been vacant for decades.

In 2022, both  homes  will receive a full rehabilitation, including major interior and exterior renovation. Once complete, each home will be sold to households earning at or below  100% or less of AMI (area median income). Homes will be offered for sale via a public offering. Interested parties can sign up on our website now to be made aware when the homes are for sale:

Following the KCLB’s successful fundraising campaign in 2020, the purchase prices will be reduced by a total of $30,000. These donations will allow these well-designed, affordable homes to be even more affordable than originally envisioned. The KCLB expects to continue this direct-impact fundraising model in 2022, allowing donors to directly and immediately impact the results of our work. Please visit our donation page for more information:

Both homes are part of the KCLB’s Affordable Homeownership Pilot Program. Previous homes sold and renovated within this program include 174 Hasbrouck Avenue, 248 Main Street, and 64 Van Buren Street, which were also sold in November 2021 for affordable prices to three first-time home buyers.

The KCLB has many more exciting initiatives planned for our community in 2022! Sign up for our mailing list at for updates and opportunities to participate in our work.

124 Franklin Street

124 Franklin Street front view of home

124 Franklin Street, looking downstairs to the front door

124 Franklin Street, looking downstairs to the front door

The Kingston City Land Bank (KCLB) is a 501c3 organization that was formed with the purpose of acquiring title to tax-foreclosed and other distressed properties in the City of Kingston, removing barriers to redevelopment and returning properties to the tax rolls. Its mission is to foster an equitable community where vacant or distressed properties are transformed into community assets that improve the quality of life for Kingston residents, stabilize and enhance neighborhoods, and create new pathways for social and economic development.

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