KCLB Announces 6 New Properties and 5 New RFPs!

March 6, 2024

We are happy to announce some big updates for the future of our work!

On February 24th, we were humbled to receive our first property donation ever (this article also covers the completion of our latest 3 affordable rehabs…so much going on!). Joseph O’Connor was kind enough to transfer the deed to 143 3rd Avenue to us. Our plans are very much in motion to return this property to the tax rolls, and we deeply appreciate his support.

Just 3 days later, we went to City Hall to purchase 5 more properties, offered to us under the City’s new disposition policy…but we only left with 4, because we immediately returned one to the tax rolls by selling it to an interested neighbor. This is our first time selling property to an adjacent Owner, and we look forward to continuing to explore this option to quickly return properties to productive use via our Pathway 4 method.

Check out our properties page for the full list of properties we picked up! Two of these properties we purchased, 28 Abbey and 20 Stephan, were slated for redevelopment as more of the most well-designed, affordable homes that you and others already know us for.

And so, we are also happy to announce we have released not one, but TWO RFPs for General Contractors to work with us to rehab 6 more homes! This brings us to a total of 5 active RFPs, the largest amount of opportunities we have offered to work with us to date…see our RFP page for more info, and get ready: contractor walk-throughs start next week!

Not a bad week (or so)!

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