111 Downs Street Sold!

February 5, 2024

The Kingston City Land Bank is proud to announce that on January 31st returned the property located at 111 Downs Street to the tax rolls by selling it to Kingston residents Eliza Edge and Henry Pfeffer.

Built in 1890, 111 Downs is a long-abandoned “Grande Dame ” of  Midtown Kingston. While it retained much of its original grandeur, it had become a “DIY” labor of love to restore. The KCLB determined that 111 Downs was best sold to a committed owner/occupant. The house was offered for sale via a public RFP process, and the KCLB Board was determined to find the buyer committed to its restoration.

Edge is the director of the Innovation Hot Spot, housed out of SUNY New Paltz, working day-to-day to improve the economy of the region and strengthen local businesses. Pfeffer is a visual artist who grew up on Albany Ave.  Sustainability and community are important values to them both.

Edge says “Henry and I were drawn to the house because we live around the corner and passed by it every day.  We thought it was a beautiful home with nice bones, and always talked about restoring it back. Now as owners we get to do that! Having our combined four parents nearby – several have built and remodeled their own homes – we’re excited to have the collective family input and guidance as we embark on this project.”

Outlining the current plan, Edge continues “Our plan in the short term is getting things working again – a new roof and electric – but we plan to keep as much as possible, including the plaster walls. And of course, one day a beautiful garden in the front and back.” The new owners are committed to investing in the house not just for their individual enjoyment, but also for that of the greater community.

The first thing that Pfeffer did was to hang a painting in the upstairs room. The Grande Dame seemed to breathe a sigh of pleasure, at once again becoming a lively home in Kingston, NY.

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